Blackjack – Skill Or Good Luck

Lots of regular gamblers when questioned on their favourite card games would respond with Blackjack. One of the oldest games around the casinos is Blackjack. The age of Blackjack has definitely contributed to it’s popularity amongst today’s gambling population as casino goers try to beat the dealer in an age old game as many generations before them have tried. The popularity of Blackjack is not only confined to the four walls of the card rooms worldwide but is also becoming an internet phenomenon.

I intend to discuss a key point. A much heated debate amongst regular Blackjack players is whether this is a game simply of luck of the cards or skilful play. Many players throughout the world have their own theories supporting either side of the argument. Some believe in luck, some believe in skill, so let us see what makes these people believe each theory.

The timing of certain moves is what millions of gamblers define Blackjack as a skill game. According to skilful players the timing of doubling down or splitting, or standing or hitting is of upmost importance for Blackjack success. Every regular Blackjack player is familiar with the strategy table which apparently shows what to do and when to do it depending on your cards.

Gamblers who choose to support the luck side of the debate often point the cards and say the possible combinations and sequences are endless. Even though players can say a certain card is over due they can never really predict what is next. This point of unpredictability of the cards is what leaves many Blackjack players certain that it is a game of luck.

Card counting is also touted as another possible method of increasing your odds at the tables. Card counting techniques basically require the player to keep a record of fallen cards to increase your odds of successfully predicting the next card. I am positive that if you are a believer in skill or luck you shall be attending the Blackjack rings soon so best of luck.