Why Learning What Holdem Hands to Play From Your Buddies Doesn’t Work, And What To Do About It

Trying to learn what Holdem Hands to play from your mates at the poker table is the stupidest thing you can do, that is, if you ever want to win. Learn the truth, guaranteed. Read this article now.

Knowing the rules in Holdem is not enough for you to win the pot. A basic knowledge on what Holdem hands to play, what every hand is valued at and what consists a particular hand can mean good strategy.

The list below may help you acquaint yourself with the hands – their rank Singapore live betting and the cards they consist of. Then, you’ll know which Holdem hands to play to easily take the pot.

Royal Flush

This is the best hand in Holdem. It is unbeatable. It contains an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit.

Straight Flush

Because Royal Flushes are hard to create, the straight flush is also known to be the best hand in Holdem. It is comprised of five cards in a series being the same suit. In the event of tie, the player with a higher ranking straight flush wins the pot.


This hand has four cards that are the same rank with a kicker or side card. The higher the four cards are the better the chances of winning.

Full House

A full house comes next in terms of hand strength. It is consists of a set of three cards and another set of two cards that are of the same rank. Ties are broken by card ranking.


A flush is a hand that contains five cards of the same suit. Higher ranking cards may be used for breaking the tie and determining the winner.



A straight has five cards that are in a sequence but do not have the same suit. Higher ranking cards again determine the winner and also break potential ties.


A 3 of a kind contains three cards that are of equal ranking plus two side cards. This hand is also known alternatively as trips or set. A tie breaker may be determined by identifying the holder of higher ranking cards.

Two Pair

This hand has two pairs of cards of equal rank and plus one kicker. The pair of a higher rank determines the strength of the hand. In the event that ties between both pairs happen, the kicker may be used to determine the winner.

One Pair

A one pair has two cards (pair) being the same number and then three random cards. Higher rank means stronger hands. Ties may be broken by comparing pair or, in rare cases, kickers.

Just A High Card

This last hand is called High Card and is determined by the highest ranking card it consists of. Ex. Ace high or King high. Ties are broken by comparing the highest cards in the player’s hand.

These are all of the Holdem hands to play. Once you have learned them you will easily be able to identify which hand you are holding and you real chances of winning the pot. Always try to play the best possible hand you can.

Now you know absolutely all the Holdem hands to play you will definitely want to start figuring out how to actually get these hands. Well, the easiest and quickest way of doing that is to click now to learn more about Holdem.


Must-Know Poker Strategies Of Texas Holdem

Must-Know Poker Strategies Of Texas Holdem

To win and earn huge money in Texas holdem all that you have to do is master the essential poker strategies which can help you play best online casino malaysia the game more skillfully. The best way to acquire the strategies is by watching the experts play. Winning the pot is not as simple as the game and its rules and requires special expertise. Mastering the strategies is what can make you a successful holdem player.

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Poker is like a highly profitable investment where you can earn huge profits if played applying the right strategies. It is through practice that you can acquire the essential strategies. Beginners should stake lower amounts so that they can limit their losses and learn how to win. To take larger risks you require experience so that you can foresee your win, stake huge only if you genuinely have a chance to win the pot amount. An ideal place to start staking low is through online poker as they are much safer and involves lesser risk.


The pot can be won by applying the appropriate strategies. Understanding when to call, fold or raise is essential to increase your chances of winning the pot and decrease your losses. Guessing your opponents hand by watching them play is what can help you determine what stakes and moves would be favorable in your direction.

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Confidence is what can help you lead the game especially if you hold strong hands, stake aggressively and never slow play with strong hands. Trying to stake huge with strong hands without scaring your opponents, try to increase the pot amount by inducing your opponents to stake more. Bluffing is a helpful technique to win you the pot even without a strong hand but be careful while bluffing and never bluff too frequently as bluffs may not win you the pot always and can lead you to huge losses.


Stake aggressively if you have really good hands, try to increase the pot amount by inducing your opponents to stake more chips if you are holding a strong hand. Poker is a game that can be played applying varied strategies and the strategies can be acquired by the player with practice.

Focusing on the game and observing your opponents is what can help you make the right moves. You can determine what position you are holding and the chances of your win can be foreseen if you have the ability to interpret your opponent’s‘ tell’. Your game and win largely depend on your opponent’s hand, hence the strength of your hand should be determined according to your opponent’s‘ tell’.

Mistakes are quite common and are frequent made by beginners analyzing these mistakes and avoiding it in future games can help you play better. Setting up staking limits can help you limit your losses and control yourself from loosing too much money. The limits need to be set before starting to play holdem.

Gambling more than what you can afford is a foolish mistake on your part that can ruin the rest of your life and make you bankrupt, hence consider playing Texas Holdem only for fun and don’t get your greed out wit your financial status. Developing your own unique strategies and changing the style of your play in each of the game would help you escape from your opponents and they wouldn’t be able to guess what your next move would be.


Blackjack – Skill Or Good Luck

Lots of regular gamblers when questioned on their favourite card games would respond with Blackjack. One of the oldest games around the casinos is Blackjack. The age of Blackjack has definitely contributed to it’s popularity amongst today’s gambling population as casino goers try to beat the dealer in an age old game as many generations before them have tried. The popularity of Blackjack is not only confined to the four walls of the card rooms worldwide but is also becoming an internet phenomenon.

I intend to discuss a key point. A much heated debate amongst regular Blackjack players is whether this is a game simply of luck of the cards or skilful play. Many players throughout the world have their own theories supporting either side of the argument. Some believe in luck, some believe in skill, so let us see what makes these people believe each theory.

The timing of certain moves is what millions of gamblers define Blackjack as a skill game. According to skilful players the timing of doubling down or splitting, or standing or hitting is of upmost importance for Blackjack success. Every regular Blackjack player is familiar with the strategy table which apparently shows what to do and when to do it depending on your cards.

Gamblers who choose to support the luck side of the debate often point the cards and say the possible combinations and sequences are endless. Even though players can say a certain card is over due they can never really predict what is next. This point of unpredictability of the cards is what leaves many Blackjack players certain that it is a game of luck.

Card counting is also touted as another possible method of increasing your odds at the tables. Card counting techniques basically require the player to keep a record of fallen cards to increase your odds of successfully predicting the next card. I am positive that if you are a believer in skill or luck you shall be attending the Blackjack rings soon so best of luck.