Why Learning What Holdem Hands to Play From Your Buddies Doesn’t Work, And What To Do About It

Trying to learn what Holdem Hands to play from your mates at the poker table is the stupidest thing you can do, that is, if you ever want to win. Learn the truth, guaranteed. Read this article now.

Knowing the rules in Holdem is not enough for you to win the pot. A basic knowledge on what Holdem hands to play, what every hand is valued at and what consists a particular hand can mean good strategy.

The list below may help you acquaint yourself with the hands – their rank Singapore live betting and the cards they consist of. Then, you’ll know which Holdem hands to play to easily take the pot.

Royal Flush

This is the best hand in Holdem. It is unbeatable. It contains an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit.

Straight Flush

Because Royal Flushes are hard to create, the straight flush is also known to be the best hand in Holdem. It is comprised of five cards in a series being the same suit. In the event of tie, the player with a higher ranking straight flush wins the pot.


This hand has four cards that are the same rank with a kicker or side card. The higher the four cards are the better the chances of winning.

Full House

A full house comes next in terms of hand strength. It is consists of a set of three cards and another set of two cards that are of the same rank. Ties are broken by card ranking.


A flush is a hand that contains five cards of the same suit. Higher ranking cards may be used for breaking the tie and determining the winner.



A straight has five cards that are in a sequence but do not have the same suit. Higher ranking cards again determine the winner and also break potential ties.


A 3 of a kind contains three cards that are of equal ranking plus two side cards. This hand is also known alternatively as trips or set. A tie breaker may be determined by identifying the holder of higher ranking cards.

Two Pair

This hand has two pairs of cards of equal rank and plus one kicker. The pair of a higher rank determines the strength of the hand. In the event that ties between both pairs happen, the kicker may be used to determine the winner.

One Pair

A one pair has two cards (pair) being the same number and then three random cards. Higher rank means stronger hands. Ties may be broken by comparing pair or, in rare cases, kickers.

Just A High Card

This last hand is called High Card and is determined by the highest ranking card it consists of. Ex. Ace high or King high. Ties are broken by comparing the highest cards in the player’s hand.

These are all of the Holdem hands to play. Once you have learned them you will easily be able to identify which hand you are holding and you real chances of winning the pot. Always try to play the best possible hand you can.

Now you know absolutely all the Holdem hands to play you will definitely want to start figuring out how to actually get these hands. Well, the easiest and quickest way of doing that is to click now to learn more about Holdem.